Tokke municipality
– competence, power, and culture-

Takk til tokke kommune for bildene

An attractive municipality for settlement and business

We cannot tell the story of Dalen Mekaniske without mentioning more about Tokke municipality. Tokke is an important collaborator and supporter, with forward-thinking politicians who enable our company to grow in Rural Norway.

The municipality of Tokke, renowned for its rich heritage in power and culture, is strategically situated in the heart of Telemark, nestled inland amidst the majestic mountains at the end of the Telemark Canal. Tokke prides itself on its comprehensive educational infrastructure, boasting excellently equipped daycare centers and schools. Notably, Dalen is home to a prestigious secondary school catering to the educational needs of the entire Vest-Telemark region. Furthermore, the esteemed cultural center of Tokke encompasses a state-of-the-art library, a modern swimming facility, and an exquisite cultural hall, further enhancing the vibrant cultural landscape of the municipality.

In 2022, Tokke was recognized as Norway’s best municipality for children and youth for the second consecutive year. The year 1961 marked the inauguration of what was then the country’s largest power plant, which has since undergone further expansion. The Tokke-Vinje watercourse alone accounts for 3-4% of Norway’s total power production.

The municipality boasts a multitude of clubs and organizations. Skafså hosts a motorsport facility, Dalen is home to a sports hall and fitness studio, while Høydalsmo offers a football field, ski trails, and a nationally standardized ski jumping facility. Hallbjønnsekken boasts an extensive network of trails and an alpine center, providing opportunities to enjoy pristine nature throughout the year.

Dalen also stands as a tourist gem, attracting visitors from both near and far. A journey along the Telemark Canal, established in 1892, offers a captivating experience of nature and culture, traversing locks, canals, and expansive lakes. The canal stretches 105 km inland from Skien to Dalen, presenting a unique piece of cultural history that spans from the coast to the mountains. At the end of Lake Bandak stands Soria Moria, a sauna and artwork inspired by the surrounding landscape and history. In the backdrop lies the magnificent Dalen Hotel, built in 1894, which served as an important hub for tourist traffic between Eastern and Western Norway and remains an equally appealing destination to this day.

Tokke is home to beautiful cultural treasures, both along the roadsides and within impressive museums. Vest-Telemark Museum features several remarkable exhibitions, a rural heritage center, an activity park with a miniature model of the Telemark Canal, and the Eidsborg Stave Church from 1250. Åmdals Verk Mines offer mine tours and geological exhibitions, Grimdalstunet showcases a rural heritage center and sculptures, while Ravnejuv boasts a spectacular viewpoint. The idyllic Rui farm is nestled at the end of a stone staircase built by sherpas from Nepal. Additionally, the rest of Vest-Telemark offers numerous delightful experiences.

Tokke municipality’s website provides further information about the advantages of living in Tokke:

  • Free residential plots
  • Full coverage of childcare services with ongoing admissions
  • Business development fund and startup support
  • Agricultural subsidies
  • No traffic congestion = More time for what you enjoy
  • Free fitness facilities
  • Low electricity prices
  • Fantastic nature trails for summer and winter activities
  • Vest-Telemark High School
  • A vibrant and centralized municipal center within walking distance of key amenities
  • Active local communities
  • Rich cultural offerings, including an outstanding cultural school, library, fitness opportunities, and voluntary associations
  • Municipal leasing of small game hunting rights.

You can find more information about Tokke municipality on their official website
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