Skill - Experience - Quality

The right person in the right position, and a good working environment. Everyone performs better when they are happy, and we emphasize a safe and good working environment. Our vision is that all our employees should enjoy their work, feel secure in their tasks, and that we should have no preventable accidents or injuries. We strive to have an updated risk assessment for all departments at all times. Our employees should have opportunities for career development with us, and we actively promote inclusive work life.

Quality - Precision in Delivery - Service Excellence

At Dalen Mekaniske, we have implemented a well-defined and transparent allocation of responsibilities in our quality management system. Each and every team member actively takes ownership and contributes their unique expertise to ensure the highest standards of quality throughout our operations. This meticulous approach translates into exceptional delivery reliability, building unwavering trust among our valued customers and positioning us as a trusted leader in the market. Our unwavering goal is to consistently create tangible value and exceed the expectations of our esteemed clientele.

  • Quality, for DMP, is always about delivering products and services of the right quality that meet, and preferably exceed, our customers’ expectations.

  • Quality is the responsibility of every employee and should permeate all units within the entire organization through high levels of engagement and expertise. The allocation of responsibilities for quality is clear and unambiguous.

  • Quality should be inherent in everything we do, from the initial customer contact to the final delivery. We consistently choose suppliers who are conscious of quality.

  • Quality entails fulfilling customer and societal requirements while continuously investing in the improvement of our management systems and operations through development, skill enhancement, and systematic knowledge transfer.

  • Quality also encompasses providing a conducive work environment where employees are assigned tasks that align with their unique competencies or where they can develop new skills that open up new opportunities.

We are committed to a relentless pursuit of quality improvement. As evidence of our dedication, we maintain ISO 9001 certification, subjecting our administrative system to rigorous annual reviews.

Our esteemed clientele demands «Just in Time» delivery, and we are resolutely focused on maintaining meticulous control and real-time visibility. To cater to these demands, we use production and materials management systems specifically tailored to the nuances of the mechanical industry. These systems gives us with complete control over raw material inventory, finished goods inventory, work in progress, orders, deliveries, and financial aspects, ensuring seamless operations and exceeding customer expectations.

Our Environmental Policy

Our customers have clear and explicit guidelines for environmental sustainability, and we wholeheartedly support them. All our departments are situated in idyllic surroundings, and our ambition is to leave our environment in an equal or better state than when we arrived. Renewable energy is our primary focus, and we continuously strive to explore ways to enhance our operations in a more sustainable direction.

  • We will actively demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship by engaging in a systematic approach to environmental management. Our primary objective is to continually enhance our own operations while also minimizing the environmental impact of our suppliers.

  • To achieve this, we will diligently seek out relevant information and continuously expand our knowledge regarding our company’s environmental footprint. By pledging to comply with both national and international laws, regulations, and widely accepted ethical standards within our industry, we are dedicated to perpetually advancing our sustainable production practices.

  • Moreover, we are steadfast in our pursuit of continuous improvement for our environmental certification system. Through regular assessments we ensure that our system remains at the forefront of environmental excellence.