We have new websites

What’s new with our website is better and more comprehensive information about who we are and what we can offer. The world is rapidly evolving, the green shift presents both challenges and new opportunities, and we continue as before to combine tradition and innovation, but with a new updated website and social media. So that […]

There may be a huge solar power plant at Fyresvatn

The current total of 40 jobs in the area could see an increase if floating solar power plants are installed on Fyresvatn. Fyresdal Mayor Erik Skjervagen, who is also the chairman of Vest-Telemark Kraftlag (VTK), expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of having floating solar power plants on the water. If this project is realized, […]

Dalen Mekaniske acquires Moland Mekaniske

Dalen Mekaniske is excited to announce the acquisition of Moland Mekaniske and a part of Telemark Technologies located in Notodden. The workshop facilities at both locations will now operate under the new name DM Energy. We are looking forward to collaborating with our new colleagues in Fyresdal and Notodden to further strengthen our position as […]

Dalen Mekaniske 50 years!

Dalen Mekaniske celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022! The occasion was commemorated in June with guests from far and wide, exquisite cuisine, and a celebratory cake. In attendance were members of the municipal council and the mayor, who presented us with a bicycle as a gift. We remain committed to setting new goals, expanding our […]

You are needed Award for May 2021

We work closely with NAV Vest-Telemark, and in May 2021, we were awarded for our efforts in promoting inclusive work environment. We appreciate this recognition! It demonstrates that others see what we see, that there are opportunities in a small place like this. Read more, watch the video tour, and award ceremony on: https://www.nav.no/no/lokalt/vestfold-og-telemark/nyheter/dere-trengs-dalen-mekaniske-produksjon